May 31, 2018

Charity Challenge

Pub Crawl Bucharest is more than a party, it’s about people and positive energy. So once in a while we're doing things in a different way. Our main purpose is to spread hope and happiness and this can be achieved by helping some people to overcome the hard challenges they are facing in everyday life.

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Join our party and tell us how it feels to have fun in one of Europe's party capitals and at the same time make some people smile due to your implication. 15% of each purchase will be redirected to the Charity Challenge project.


When? To be detailed

Cause? To be detailed

Previous work

In the previous editions many people received educational and material support, and that's definitely because of you! Thank you for all the support and donations, we couldn’t have done it without your help. Every time we got extremely emotional when we saw the excitement and the joy on their faces. We invite you to take a look by checking the causes that we supported, and also the Facebook albums that you can find below.

Charity Challenge - 3rd Edition

Smiles, happiness and fulfillment are the keywords that describe our Charity Challenge project. During our special pub crawl, we made a lot of friends, visited amazing places and in the end, all the money that we collected from the participation fee were donated for one cause that we support.

WHEN did it take place? Saturday, 16th of June 2018

Saturday night, on the 16th of June, we were partying in the old center of Bucharest and people contributed by simply taking part of our event.

The cause that we supported for Charity Challenge 3rd Edition

Located not far from the crowded city center of Bucharest, "Santa Sofia" Day-Care Center is the place where 32 children, ages 4-17, come to spend their time in pursuit of happiness and a better life.

We had the amazing chance to meet them before, and we’ve noticed that they are humble, gentle and very talented. They seek hope, opportunity and a better life for them and for their families. So they are the ones who are motivated to succeed, but they can't make it without our help.

The people in charge of the day-care center are constantly struggling to provide food, medical and educational support.

The children could obtain a treatment in Busteni Sanatorium, as many of them suffer from respiratory problems. Unfortunately, the center was not able to cover all the other expenses: food, housing and transportation.  Therefore, following this edition, we managed to cover some of the expenses they had, so the kids could follow the treatment they were provided with.

We believe that every child deserves a fair chance.

Charity Challenge 2nd Edition

Charity Challenge 1st Edition