June 19, 2017

Pocket Guide

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Public Transportation


If you want to travel through Bucharest you can use the public transport network. This is one of the largest in Europe and will provide you with a quick city trip. You can choose to travel by subway or you can choose the surface transport network. These two are different from one another and use different systems of ticketing.

Our recommendation is to use the subway because it is faster and connects you with the most important attractions in Bucharest.



The Bucharest subway network consists of 53 stations distributed on 4 lines.
If you want to travel by subway, you can buy tickets from any subway station. Depending on how often you want to go by subway, you can buy tickets for 2 journeys at the cost of 5 lei or a one-day subscription costing 8 lei. If you think you will not make more than 10 trips, you can buy a ticket at 20 lei, but if you plan to travel for a week, you can buy a weekly season ticket at 25 lei. The metro runs from 05:00 in the morning to around 23:00.
If you need more information about the program and tickets, you can access the Metrorex official website.

Access the Metrorex Map from here.

Bucharest travel guide - subway public transportation

Buses and trams


The surface transport network of Bucharest is the fourth largest in Europe and is made up of a large network of buses, trams and trolleybuses. Using these means of transport you can easily reach any part of the city or in some suburban villages.

To travel by RATB you have to go to one of the small RATB stores you find near the main stations and buy an Active or Multiple Card.
The Multiple card (blue and white) is intended for more occasional journeys and can only be loaded once. You can choose between a one-day pass that costs 8 lei or you can load between 2 or 10 trips. A trip costs 1.3 lei, and the card price is 1.6 lei.
The Active (green and white) card costs 3.7 lei and can be loaded with more than 10 trips up to 50 lei.
You can plan your route and choose the best option for you by visiting their official website where you can get more information.

If your destination allows you to choose between the metro and the RATB network, our advice is to choose the first one. It is a much safer environment compared to buses and trams and is not so crowded, except the pick hours of course.

Taxis & Ridesharing

You can travel with yellow taxis which generally have a 1.69lei fare (per kilometer), but our advice is to download one of the Uber or Taxify applications that allows you to travel safer and faster,  and not having to negotiate the cost of driving with taxi drivers. If you do not have either app on your mobile device it is well worth downloading at least one.




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