June 18, 2017

Bucharest Nightlife

Having a population of almost 2 million people, Bucharest is by far the biggest city in Romania. In the same time, it is one of the most interesting both in terms of economical situation, as well as of nightlife and entertainment. The capital is one of the most alive cities, Bucharest nightlife being considered one of the most vibrant worldwide. It is identified as a place where is impossible to get bored. Regarding the etymology of it's name (București), the historians say that it comes from the romanian verb "a bucura" (which means to enjoy).  Also, during the Phanariot period, the rulers of that time called this place "Hilariopolis", which in Greek means "City of Friendship".

Bucharest can be resumed in just three words: love, fun and nightlife. And it is, for sure, everything for everyone. From trendy clubs to hipster places, from rock pubs to latino pubs and techno parties, this city keeps the key of diversity and entertainment.

Old Town Bucharest

When someone wants to go straight to a fun place, the main road is definitely Old Town. The heart of Bucharest nightlife, old town hosts thousands of people every night, being popular throughout the world for its parties. You can find the best beer in town, the best food, best people at the best parties. Or maybe the best love from all times. Arranged like in a pub crawl, these old roads lead you into a lot of experiences. And be ready, night in Bucharest, every time, is passing fast and fun and with no regrets.

bucharest nightlife old town

Of course, fun is not hidden only in the old center. You can find in every corner a little piece of fun and great people. You can discover places on rooftop, where to have a great view of Bucharest and awesome parties. Or maybe hidden places in old buildings with lovely and authentic design.

Every weekend in Bucharest is full of events with good music. Thereby, you just have to enjoy concerts, music festivals where songs are whispered in your ear, by local artists or even international singers. Bucharest is really a magnet of them.

So here you are! Take your people and party all night in a city which seems always alive. We've prepared for you a list with our recommendations from which you can choose the option that fits you best.

Credits: Ioana.

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