September 7, 2017


What is our Pub Crawl about?

Pub Crawl Bucharest is more than just a party. It’s about experiencing something different, meeting new people in new places and making memories along the way!

Who we are?

Our team has passionate people that, driven by their curiosity and their love for traveling, they had the chance of experiencing life in amazing places from countries all over the world. Inspired by all the ideas they gathered this way and by the life in their own city, they decided to add a personal touch to the idea of pub-crawl and create Pub Crawl Bucharest.

We bring the concept of pub-crawl and we turn it into an exciting ride! We know that as a tourist every moment spent away from home is precious, therefore all the experiences you have in our city should meet your expectations. So let us show you what the nightlife in Bucharest is really all about!

pub crawl bucharest

Pub Crawl Bucharest, member of Reveal Unlimited.

Bucharest is the city we live in, the city that we love and we discover more of it every single day. We love to party and we want to show you just how well we do it!

Pub Crawl Bucharest will help you to discover a different face of the city by guiding you through the best places in town. So all you have to do is trust us and of course, the shots!

Live your life to the fullest and join us!